This post about how to enable onclick and how to disable hover events of Divi mega menu. for this, you need access to CPanel of your website hosting server.

Login to your CPanel and go to this directory : ” public_html/[yoursite]/wp-content/themes/Divi/includes/builder/scripts “

and find ” frontend-builder-scripts.js ” and go to edit mode

Look for ” $et_top_menu.find( ‘li’ ).hover( function() { ” this script. (if you havent edit this js file before this line start at 1071)

Jquery part

Now end of these " et-show-dropdown ", " et-hover " two classes add a extra letter or just change the class names.
ex : " et-show-dropdownx ", " et-hoverx " we added a extra letter here.

In the end, your code should be like this.


Now add this script to top of your old script


CSS part

Almost done, now add these CSS lines to your custom CSS sheet.