jQuery make it much easy along with W4 Post List plugin

  1. Install W4 Post List plugin to your website
  2. Now create some test posts with W4 Post List Plugin
  3. Now go to your web page which you want to show recent posts in an according module and add an according to your page and give it a custom ID
  4. Next step is to edit theme “footer.php” before you edit footer.php file install a child theme for make sure to keep original divi theme safe.
  5. Now go to appearance editor and select footer.php.
  6. now before add these lines and make sure to rename classes and items as your modules has

Query("[ID/class added to according module]>[according item class]>.et_pb_toggle_title").html(jQuery("[w4pl ID for your post]>ul>li>a").html());
Example :

*You have to add one line per one post for each according items