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How to Add new tabs to woocommerce single product page

In the past 2 Blog posts we told you how to rename and change priority of tabs in woocommerce single product page. Today we gonna present you how to add a new extra tab in to woocommerce single prodcut page tabs Lets get start! For do this add following code to your... read more

How to Rename tabs of woocommerce single product page

Today we have a very interesting post about woocommerce plugin customization. This post is about how to rename any woocommerce tab title. To do this add following code to your functions.php file. (Get help of a professional developer if you don’t know how to do... read more

How to add Recent Posts in to an According module in Divi

jQuery make it much easy along with W4 Post List plugin Install W4 Post List plugin to your website Now create some test posts with W4 Post List Plugin Now go to your web page which you want to show recent posts in an according module and add an according to your page... read more

How to Prevent href=”#” Going Top of Page

This matters mostly when we use java-script or jQuery. most of the time for links we use # to set empty url and run jquery onclick. but sometimes page scrolls up due to use of # tag. Option 1 you can easily prevent href=”#” taking you to top of page by... read more

Call Us Directly @ (+94) 81 381 92 24 or (+94) 77 844 74 74 For Quick Quote...

Call Us Directly @
(+94) 81 381 92 24 or (+94) 77 844 74 74 For Quick Quote...

Call Us Directly @
(+94) 81 381 92 24
(+94) 77 844 74 74 For Quick Quote...


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